Don’t you just love the smell of fresh air oozing through the window in the early hours of the morning? Every inch of our human body needs oxygen to live off of, especially fresh air. The extra oxygen in fresh air fuels our body to fight bacteria and it strengthens our immune systems. Air helps our digestive system work better increasing weight loss, it reduces blood pressure and improves heart rate and the smell can make us happy.  

The thought of air can take you anywhere in the world, my favourite place is our local forest, Macclesfield Forest it is not only beautiful, but the smell of the fresh air instantly brings the world to a stop for a minute and it reminds me to breathe and let go of any negativity. One of my favourite memories was at Lake Louisa in Canada, my sister Victoria and I were taking a casual swim and then all of a sudden, the sky got angry and dark then the rain poured down on us, the smell of the change in the air was so distinctive and it was at that time I learned that the air itself is that powerful it can create thunderstorms with the negative and positive ions in it. My mind was blown! 

Another place where I found peace was in Wengen, Switzerland on top of a mountain covered in snow, breathing in the cold crisp air. I love sea air when you get to a seaside resort, whether that is a child looking forward to having fun on a pier making their childhood memories or if you are a person who is completely at peace on a sandy beach with the sea air brushing past you filling your body with positive energy the smell of the air can make these memories come alive. 

The peace element air is the most vital element there is, as important as its main use... breath. As the Buddhist teach, breath is the most important part of life we can use - we need it to live, we need it to calm the brain, we need it to relax. So many of us take to the outdoors for ‘a breath of fresh air’, that incredible feeling of filling your lungs with air and oxygen, what a wonderful it is. We have carefully created this unique fragrance to bring that sense of relaxation and peace into your home. 


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