Daintree, Australia


If there is one place in the world that has it all it has to be Australia, from the beautiful beaches to the buzzing cities to the magical rainforests. This vast fantastic place is home to some of the most beautiful places on earth, one place in particular really made an impact, this was the Daintree Rainforest, Queensland. I visited Australia when I was a child with my family, and it is one of the destinations which always stayed closed to my heart, especially Daintree, from the moment I walked into the trees I felt like I was in a different world, as though I had left my life behind and entered a type of calm and excitement I had never encountered before, the type of feeling you would wish to bottle up and take home.  

 The Daintree rainforest dates back to over 135 million years ago which makes it the oldest on this planet, it is the only place in the world where the rainforest meets the reef which makes it even more majestic and in particularly unique.   

The living creatures here are astonishing, walking under the king ferns to take a boat trip to finding historic crocodiles there is every beauty you can imagine, when entering such an enchanted place you are instantly taken aback by the mystery and the wonder of what is inside one of the most beautiful places in the world. And to example just what a wonderful place this is... Sir David Attenborough named it as his favourite place!  

We wanted to bring this rare kind of beauty in to your day, to share the smell of the Eucalyptus that infuses this rainforest, to be able to close your eyes and take in the smell and picture this kind of beauty, to imagine the sounds of the exotic birds, to hear the rain and the waterfalls surrounding you in your own home.   


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