Living on one of the 8 planets in our solar system, we are so fortunate to call Earth home. When you think about what goes into this amazing planet to formulate all the amazing creations, we take for granted every day, and one of those incredible sights is 'wood'. In our Peace collection we zone in on all the elements of peace, so with ‘Forest’ we are celebrating the element of peace which is 'wood'. For me personally, going to a forest, going to anywhere which is surrounded by trees and nature, it’s where I feel most at one with the universe. It’s what creates our oxygen, it’s a whole formation of living, how amazing! There are so many types of ‘forests’, rainforests, woodlands, alp forests or forests right here on our doorstep in the United Kingdom. I love to ski and one of my favourite types of skiing is skiing beneath the trees, it is one of the most peaceful things, the silence and freshness you feel is breath-taking. Or even just to go for a walk in a forest, or a wooded area is such an amazing way to relax. My sister and I grew up in the country, so I suppose this love for nature was destined for us. The smell a forest creates is so fresh and welcoming, we couldn’t resist creating a scent to capture both – one of the elements of peace, but also this wonderful creation of Earth... the ‘forest’. With the masculine notes of cedarwood and calming smells of vetiver, we’re so excited to be able to bring this relaxation to your home. 


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