Maui, Hawaii


Hawaii is known for its scenic beauty; it is in fact made up of 136 exotic islands but only 7 are inhabited. We have chosen Maui (not only because we love the film Moana) but because we consider it to be the most beautiful in our eyes. Maui has some of the world's best beaches. The sea is clear and turquoise filled with the most colourful fish and amazing turtles that swim so close to you that you can reach out and touch them. The sand colour varies and comes in black, red and white which makes this Island unique and with something to look at on every stretch of beach.  

I remember one of my favourite feelings was here, the feeling of pure tranquillity lay on a sandy beach, just myself and my family and nobody else in sight, with the sun beating on my face with my eyes closed hearing the large palm trees rustling in the wind with the warm wind brushing past my skin. These moments in our lives can be relived through the sense of smell. 

Maui also has a beautiful culture; the people are peaceful and kind and so welcoming which brings even more beauty in my eyes to the already alluring Island. There are green mountains and craters, you can put on your walking boots and climb to see the stars at night or the sunrise in the early hours of the morning. The numerous stunning waterfalls; one trip to do in Maui is the road to Hana. Th62-mile-long road consisting of 600 turns is along the sea on the side of the hills full of greenery and when the rain is just rightwaterfalls on every turn. 

The sun, the sea, the air in Maui is just the beginning of this island's beauty, Haleakalā meaning ‘house of the sun’ was the beginning of Maui. This volcano is described as awe-inspiring and spectacular because of the magnificent views. This volcano is what Maui was formed from... the beginning of this beautiful Islands life, that is what I consider to be ‘beautiful’, diverse and Maui has it all! 


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