Ravello, Italy




Ravello, Italy

The smell of citrus and sea air, the sound of enthusiasm and the taste of a pistachio filled cannoli. The Amalfi coast in the summer, there's nowhere else on Earth quite like it.  Ravello, situated at the very top of the Amalfi Coast, this place almost feels untouched... the lack of busy-ness, the rich feel of authentic Italian culture. It’s probably my favourite place on the Amalfi Coast for these reasons and of course the views, spettacolare vista (spectacular view). For miles you can see the Italian country side and the other side of the town are the open, never ending coastal views. My memory of the town feels so serene, the home of the town is the Basilica (the cathedral), only small, but so beautiful, like the town itself‘Villa Cimbrone’ known for its gardensstatues and views, is a must visit. Ravello is a rather unheard of part of the Amalfi Coast, but for me it is always at the top of the list, doesn’t that say something considering the beauty of the whole place! 

Being half Italian myself, there is always such a lust for Italy, but how can there not be when the language, the food, the scenery, the weather is just the perfect combination. My father comes from the 'Marche' region in Italy, this has inspired me further to travel the beautiful country, but there is a special place in my heart for the Amalfi Coast. 

The trees are filled with citrus fruits, bringing extra colour to the passing scenery, this memory inspired fragrance, for me, brings to life the bliss of being sat in a 'ristorante' over looking the breath-taking scenery, coffee or fresh orange juice in hand.  

The smell of pure freshness, with sweet citrus hence the succulent smell of oranges we have chosen for this captivating scent, to bring the extraordinary destination ‘Ravello’ to life in your home. 


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