Bali is one of my favourite places not only in Asia, but in the world. As soon I stepped onto the Indonesian soil, I felt an instant serenity – the people, the air, the scenery, the culture... it’s the ideal recipe for heaven on Earth! My first trip there was in 2016, we started our trip in the breath-taking hills of Ubud, set back in the Balinese rainforest and then headed to the beach fronts of Seminyak.

Zoning in here on Ubud, I remember as soon as we reached our hotel how mesmerised we were, the humongous trees covering everywhere you look and the ear filling sound of native birds, it was a kind of peace you can’t find anywhere else! We woke up the following morning to the call of the exotic birds, it filled all the surroundings, and wow I've never felt so close to nature before. We really were in the middle of a rainforest, living amongst nature itself and I adored every second.  I can’t recommend this place enough, the warmth and peace I get when thinking about the memories brings such happiness. 

Ubud is known for its tiering scenery, but also known for its wonderful culture. Here, you can find temples and in these temples there’s such an overwhelming feel of peace, it’s a peace I feel everyone should experience. I’m a huge yoga lover and I am also vegan, Ubud houses these 2 components perfectly. Practicing yoga in a wooden hut, high up, overlooking the trees and the rivers flowing through the rainforest is one of my favourite memories of all time. Alongside this, the food, to me, is perfect... although Balinese food is a mixture of spices, vegetables, fish and meats, the plant-based raw options really brought a new love to veganism for me.

Our scent here at Gaia Shores – Bali, Ubud was depicted from this story of my first trip to this beautiful destination. I want to bring the peace and relaxation of this heaven on Earth to your homes, that’s why we have chosen the sensual scent including ginger and lime, to bring the feel of this Indonesian hub to your home, it’s fresh, it’s spicy, it’s relaxing... it’s Ubud. 


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