There is something undoubtedly special about water. It is still, it is calm, it is fierce, it is blue, it is green, it is diverse, but all of the feelings lead to calm. When you close your eyes, you can see and even feel the rhythm of the water, the sea crashing against the shore whilst the smell of sun cream floats through the air, with your toes digging deep into warm white sand. There is torrential rain pouring down on a summers evening bouncing off of the floor, nourishing the plants and our soul. How about bubbling brook on a spring morning sat with infused tea reading your favorite book whilst the birds gather for their morning bath. Or the wonderous rivers that meander, flowing so fast connecting one place to the next connecting the world together. My preferred calm water is the serene sea at a Harbour with the sun beaming down hearing the water lap and the boats gently touch making the distinct noise that everyone loves. 

Not only is it the sounds of water, every single one of our organs needs water so the link between drinking water and hydrating your body is one of thmost vital things to reduce stress. The way that water, sound and weather combined overwhelm our minds with tranquillity which could be the cause to active brainwaves changing to slower vibrations, not to mention when we stand next to a vast ocean or lake, we then acknowledge how small we are to the rest of the world, these stimulating experiences make our minds slow down and think more creatively making us feel more fulfilled and happier in what we can create in our own minds. 


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