Gaia Shores Story

Our founders, Lizzie & Victoria Rossetti - 2 sisters, decided to start Gaia Shores so they could share their love of fragrance, travel and peace. They combined these passions and created Gaia Shores, Luxury Home Fragrances, not just to bring these components, and a slice of relaxation to their homes, but to everyone's home. 

Gaia Shores takes pride in its individuality of highlighting and zoning in on the most peaceful & beautiful aspects and locations on Earth. With our name translating from ancient Greek to ‘Earth Shores’, our aim is to bring the positive energy of this incredible planet we live on to your home. With a love and passion of both travel and positivity, here at Gaia Shores we have recreated the scents of the most peaceful places on Earth, from land to sea. To be able to have the sense of serenity in our homes is, in our eyes, a vital part of day to day life. With the modern world being so fast paced, taking time out to relax and re-centre is more important than ever, with the intricate detail used to create these ‘zen’ scents, a Gaia Shore fragrance can bring this relaxation to you and most importantly bring optimal mindful wellbeing to you. Gaia Shores is a UK based company, with an Italian twist, with our founders being half English and half Italian. 

'Our love for travel started at a young age when our parents would take us on the most amazing adventures, I can confirm, this lit the travel bug inside of me. Once I was old enough to travel alone I started to explore Asia and wow... The culture and the sense of serenity there is like no other. Asia is certainly one of my favourite places and I'd recommend it to anyone, this is just one of many many favourites. Canada, Italy (we do have a biased opinion here, I can't deny, due to our Italian heritage), Australia and New Zealand, and all the way back over to the West with some of Americas incredible scenery, Yosemite National Park, now this is somewhere special!

To me, travelling and experiencing different cultures and ways of life is one of the most valuable educations we can give ourselves, it brings so much growth to us as people, with understanding and clearer vision of life. With this a love of peace has developed for me, I'm a huge yoga lover, with this comes inner peace and meditation. This is where the importance of bringing peace into all of our homes comes from for me and why this journey of Gaia Shores is so unique and touching, as being able to bring this peace and relaxation and also the memories a location can bring to someone, into your home is a helping hand in the right direction in my eyes. Our homes are where we spend the majority of our lives, so let's bring this feeling of 'zen' and happiness in to our homes with us.'

Victoria Rossetti